How to Put Together a Competitive Benefits Package

It’s a dilemma that plagues many entrepreneurs: Should you offer employees a benefits package? And, if so, what should you offer that will meet the needs of your workers without incurring undue financial liability on the business? While some bootstrapped startups have opted to either slash or cut benefits entirely, giving employees the responsibility of…

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How to Create a Happy and Productive Work Culture

People Looking Choosing at Colleagues Photo

Toxic office politics. Micromanaging supervisors. The tyrannical boss. These signature hallmarks of a worker’s nightmare are, unfortunately, a daily reality for many people. It doesn’t have to be that way. You – and your staff – can enjoy work by putting into place a few workplace policies and perks that foster a productive and happy…

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Startup HR: Why It’s Vital to Start Early

A solid HR strategy often goes overlooked when launching a new business. After all, it’s not exactly one of the most thrilling parts of launching a company. But knowing when to bring on a human resources pro to take on recruiting and employee relation responsibilities is key for first-time founders and early-stage startups. It’s common…

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