How to Put Together a Competitive Benefits Package

It’s a dilemma that plagues many entrepreneurs: Should you offer employees a benefits package? And, if so, what should you offer that will meet the needs of your workers without incurring undue financial liability on the business? While some bootstrapped startups have opted to either slash or cut benefits entirely, giving employees the responsibility of…

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How to Build an Effective (& Legal) Internship Program

Hello my name is Intern

Hiring interns is an excellent way to energize your startup with fresh, young talent while also providing them with the training and real-life skills to help launch a career down the road. In addition, bringing interns on board can give new managers an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of overseeing other workers. Ideally,…

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Startup Financial Audits: Why, When, and How

Calculator Financial Services

Having anyone with the title of “auditor” poke into your startup’s finances is a scenario that instills fear and terror in the hearts and minds of many entrepreneurs. And yet, getting an audit is a practical and effective way for startups to review their financial books and make sure the business is compliant with accounting…

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Building an Accounting and Finance Team: From Zero to CFO

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We are often asked by startup clients when is the right time to put together an accounting and finance department. The answer in an ideal world? As soon as possible. As we discussed in the blog post entitled “Startup Accounting”, it’s crucial to bring on a professional accountant, usually on a contract basis for cost…

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